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Software that combines subjective opinion and objective evidence to deliver superior decision support to organisations and government departments

The scenario

Living in the Information Age means we’re one click of a button or flick of a switch away from being able to learn everything, about anything. Couple this with individual knowledge, experiences, personalities and perceptions, and you’ve got what’s becoming an increasingly noisy and complex world – one with expectations around doing things more efficiently in half the time, with half the budget and less risk.

The challenge

For organisations and government departments, therein lies the challenge; being able to subjectively and objectively prioritise strategic and operational needs, without compromising those of the stakeholders, the strategy, budget or business objectives. We will listen, critically evaluate and work with you to devise feasible, sustainable and fit-for-purpose solutions each time, every time

The solution

Meet Prioritise. A revolutionary software tool that combines subjective opinion and objective evidence to deliver intelligent insights and sophisticated decision support. Based on a combination of widely accepted mathematical models, proprietary artificial intelligence and patent pending outputs, Prioritise helps decision-makers overcome the limitations of the human mind to synthesise qualitative and quantitative inputs, from multiple stakeholders.


The ability to model a range of scenarios linked back to source data ensures all aspects of the environment and considered. The result, is sound analysis and clear thinking that everyone in the organisation can and understand and agree on. Whether it’s agency strategies, information technology deployments, workforce strategy or enterprise portfolio planning, Prioritise has your organisation or government department covered.

Prioritise can also be used by public and private sector organisations to assist with

Strategic Capability, Program and Policy Prioritisation

Tender and Procurement Evaluation

Employee Evaluation and Assessment

Capital Investment Prioritisation

Base Budget / Zero Based Budgeting Prioritisation

Resource Allocation