Project Management

Communicator. Conscientious. Transparent.


Clear, early and ongoing communication is paramount to proactive expectation management and in turn, successful project management.

At Connect, we pride ourselves on our personal commitment to remaining transparent, true and timely in our approach to managing constraints and communicating with stakeholders. This commitment is apparent from project inception regardless of size and complexity, right through to the planning, execution, controlling and delivery phases.

Solutions Architecture

Analytical. Collaborative. Insightful.


As solutions architects, our team are equipped to gather and translate the functional, non-functional, stakeholder requirements and constraints of the business, into high-level technical guides. In doing so, we draw on insights derived from our big-picture understanding of the business, to ensure technical solutions complement and are managed in accordance with existing frameworks.    

Business Analysis

Communicator. Conscientious. Transparent.


The business of business analysis comes down understanding the business needs and tailoring solutions to bridge real or perceived gaps in skills, capabilities, processes or services.

Be it in the Defence, public or private sectors, Connect’s approach to the problem-solving process is one that is underpinned by trust, transparency, pragmatism, cohesion and a commitment to asking questions.

We will listen, critically evaluate and work with you to devise feasible, sustainable and fit-for-purpose solutions each time, every time. 

Resource Prioritisation

Pragmatic. Bold. Dependable.


At Connect, we pride ourselves on providing a complete investment prioritisation service to enable our clients to make the best investment decisions, to achieve business goals. In doing so, we use industry leading Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) tools and techniques to deliver auditable, defensible direction for acquisition and sustainment spending, across complex portfolios. In 2018, Connect prioritised more than $3 Billion in projects and initiatives, across the Australian Federal Government.

Enterprise Architecture

Knowledgeable. Consistent. Holistic.


We strive to deliver comprehensive IT solutions – ones that not only meet but exceed the needs and expectations of our clients in the Defence, public and private sectors. In doing so, we adopt a holistic approach to critically analyse the structure of the business to identify gaps and opportunities, for IT-based improvements. An ability to translate technical concepts into commonly understood terms and outcomes is key to maintaining positive stakeholder relations, and is a core competency of each and every member of the Connect team.